All About Us - Meet the team

Here at Craigsplates there is never a dull moment! We are a happy, friendly, approachable Team who have been manufacturing and retailing number plates and show plates for over 11 years. Our experienced staff are dedicated employees who do not consider their work here as just a job; they thoroughly enjoy what they do - and it shows! We came from humble beginnings as a lot of successful Companies do; starting with a small market stall at Felixstowe on a Sunday. However, now 11 years on, we have two units in Needham Market where we manufacture and despatch legal number plates, vinyl stickers, cut and programme car keys and retail various vehicle accessories. We constantly update our technology and source materials globally. This, coupled with the fact no plate leaves our office without our total satisfaction, ensures that YOU, the customer, receive an end product of the highest quality that you will not be disappointed with!


Meet the Team

It was truly difficult to write this section of our website as we don't have specific job titles. I know we keep droning on about it, but we are a Team and we work together as one. OK those posh Marketing companies out there keep throwing at you how you must get "teamwork" into your Mission Statement...but we do it automatically and yes, we're proud of it. No person is more important to the functioning of our Company than another.

We have been unable to take this section seriously, especially when no one wanted their photograph taken!! So read on and I hope it makes you smile, we had fun doing it, but hey we enjoy everyday!!


The "Boss" will never be seen before 10 in the morning, but you will Craig Bickers - Craigsplatesprobably find him still working at 10.30 at night from home!! (He's a bit of a night owl!) In the years I have worked with him, I've never seen him lose his temper, sulk, or make anyone feel bad about themselves for making a mistake - he's a real joy to work for. His love of life, generosity and motivation are an inspiration to us all. However, his admin skills are total rubbish, so we try to make sure he's kept well away from that!! Craig is forever bringing new ideas into the workplace and he has developed a bit of a catchphrase, "Listen guys, I had a thought last night, what do you think?......."  He spends most of his time running the Irish side of the business with Beverley (his fiancee) so is rarely in the Suffolk office now.   He used to be a qualified 
Emergency Responder in Needham Market and would urge others to join the scheme to help save lives by being the first on the scene to 999 calls. He's also a qualified pilot, qualified Scuba-Diving Instructor AND qualified First Aid Instructor. I don’t think he ever sits still!!

Beverley Atkinson - Craigsplates

Beverley is primarily Craig’s PA, helping him run the Irish side of the business, but is also our Customer Service Manager and answers all our incoming emails.  She has been with the Company since it began and is Craig’s fiancee too! When she is not busy sorting all that out, she often covers the phones outside of normal business hours and helps organise Craig’s show dates too!


I used to be the most eccentric member of thKarene Team but now it's a toss up between me and Lisa!!  My title is "Office Manager" but "Control Freak" would probably be more apt, although as time ticks by, the controlling ways of youth are being usurped by a softer wisdom.  I've been with the Company for over five years and have fallen in love with it. I'm the opposite to Craig, I prefer to be in early before the sun rises to get the organisation for the day sorted before the others come in. I am a perfectionist (although intensive therapy is helping me with this)!! I like making plates as it keeps me in touch with what is going on and specialise in Imports. I answer phones, do Artwork, take orders, give advice, manage staff, balance the urgent with important, basically prioritise the days work, and make a good brew! 2007 saw me quit smoking AND I haven't started again HOORAY!! With Angie joining our team I seem to have less to be controlling about as she has more than adequately filled my shoes.  Lisa has started to boss Craig around on my behalf which is pleasing too!!

Joanne has many hats, primarily she is our "Accounts Person" (and boy does she know her stuff about VAT, Sage and the Inland Revenue - it's scary!!!) She has been with the Company since it began. We run all new ideas past Jo first, as she's the most sensible and grounded one of us all. OK sometimes we don't listen and keep trying to persuade her until she gives in, but you can't blame us for trying!! When she's not doing all that, she mans the phones, takes orders and runs Sticker-Mad!!



LisaLisa has been with us over two years and is currently on Maternity leave enjoying the first few months of life with her newborn girl. She is an excellent platemaker, also mans the phones, makes copious amounts of tea and is a bit of a gary-girl at heart (well.... tinted windows, alloy wheels .... what else can it be?) She's very into her Scoobies, is friendly, helpful, conscientous, bossy, makes the best sausage rolls I've ever eaten and is a real joy to have in the office.  We do tend to keep her away from very expensive equipment as in the space of a few days she broke an OKI printer, a DYMO printer, and a plate roller!!  At last we have a picture of Lisa to add to the site. Unfortunately, it is not one that has been taken on the premises but beggars cannot be choosers!


Sandy is our "Quality Control Person" she checks all the orders before they are packed...and believe me NO ONE argues with her decision. She too has been with the Company since it began. She's our Health and Safety Rep, First Aider (when Craig's not here!) and manage stock control. Sandy is our Team Mum and you'll often find her sitting listening to our woes with a box of Kleenex in her hand, tidying up or bringing supplies in!


Angie has been with us for several years now.  AngelaShe began packing but now operates our massive press JESSIE making French, German British and American metal plates.  She's also responsible for making all the self-adhesive plates and vinyl slogans for the USA metal plates.   Believe me, even a robot couldn't out perform our perfectionist. Angie has revolutionised her department, is fastidious, hard-working, has to be told to go home and is eager to keep on learning! We cannot imagine the place without her, she is a STAR!!! Angie bought her own horse at the beginning of 2007 called Cameo. This year (2009) she has taken on another horse called Cloud! When she's not working here and looking after her horses she can often be seen helping neighbours with their on earth does she manage it all?

Eke is our "Web Guru". What he doesn't know about websites is just not worth mentioning! He brightens our office with his cute giggle, is incredibly talented, patient and even tempered - which is a must considering the tough time he has working with us (we keep changing our mind so often)! He too is a perfectionist, to the point that even I have to say to him, "OK Eke, I don't think a one pixel error is really going to matter too much!!" He's been working with us for years and we wouldn't be without him (even if he does pinch all the Muffins!!)  I think maybe we have been pushing him too hard. His initial contract was to revamp a website, now he's revamping and maintaining over 10!!! We have driven him beyond the limits of human endurance, drugs and coping mechanisms, often needing to get back to Nigeria to convalesce!!



AshleyAshley began work with us several years ago in our expanding despatch department but is now a very competent platemaker. He can turn his hand to just about anything, from helping Craig with various projects, keeping our eBay listings running to tea making (an essential in this place!!)  We believe in a few years time Ash will have his own business – I’ve already asked if I can have a job!!  He stopped cycling into work on his £400 bike once he passed his driving test and now sports a very ‘sik’ Clio which is his pride and joy




Alex - CraigsplatesAlex has been with us over a year now, being our newest recruit.  He has a degree in Film Making so we hope to expand our website with lots of interesting little clips…er…..when we can find the time!!!  Alex has taken over from Ashley and is responsible for our despatch department, as well as manning the phones, taking orders, dealing with enquiries and customers, point of sale.  He seems to have a very full life, BMXing, zip-lining, going to music festivals, is always skint…oh to be young again!



Well, we needed another hand to answer the phones, so we thought Milo, our year old "Amazon Yellow-nape" was the way forward! And boy, does she talk (typical woman?)! Her day used to start  by sharing Lisa's rich tea biscuits but now Milo lives with Craig in Ireland. He has been trying to get her a phone head set that she will not eat! She still needs to make more tea before she can qualify as a proper member of the Team, and learn to say "Craigsplates" in one attempt. We do apologise if she is in talking mode when you call, she can get very loud, and keeps saying... "Hello.. Hello... Hello... What you doing!" However we all love her.




Company Registration No : 05174413   

VAT No :  GB 833408439